Afet İnan
The First Female History Professor, Adoptive Daughter of Atatürk




She was born in Kesendire, Thessaloniki.


Her parents migrated to Türkiye during the Balkan War.

Afet İnan
Bursa Girls Teacher Training School Chemistry Lesson, Afet İnan at the most right, 1925.
Rukiye, Sabiha, Afet (İnan) and Zehra.

1913 - 1920

Due to her father's work, they had to move a lot so she went to elementary school in many different towns including Adapazarı, Ankara, Mihalıççık and Biga.


She received her teaching certificate and appointed as the head teacher to Elmalı All Girls' School when she was only 14.


She was appointed as a teacher to Redd-i İlhak School in Izmir. She met Mustafa Kemal Pasha (ü) there when he visited the school. She told him that she wanted to study further and when it was found that her family saved his life in the past, Mustafa Kemal adopted Afet Inan. She was sent to Lausanne, Switzerland for language education.

Afet İnan
Afet İnan

1927 - 1929

She became a boarder at Notre Dame de Sion High School. Seeing so much incorrect information about Türkiye and Turkish people in foreign resources was one of the reasons which encouraged her to become a historian.

1929 - 1930

She began to teach history and civics at Ankara Music Teaching School. Objection of one of her male students about women's rights to vote and be voted for motivated her to work for women rights.


She became a member of the Turkish Historical Investigation Society (TTK).

Afet İnan
Afet İnan


She made her first speech in front of the public at the Turkish Hearths on the day the Municipal law which was the first step for women to have political rights was enacted.

1931 - 1939

Afet Inan's book titled Vatandaş İçin Medeni Bilgiler (Civil Information for Citizens) which she wrote with the encouragement of ü was used as a textbook in schools.


She was elected as the deputy chairman of Turkish Historical Society (TTK). She worked with ü on history and language. The first excavation led by her was in Alacahöyük and a lot of information about the history of Anatolia and many valuable relics such as sun disks which would be the symbol of Ankara were discovered. 1908 She was born in Kesendire, Thessaloniki.

Afet İnan
Afet İnan


As the Deputy Chairman of Turkish Historical Society, she gave the first lesson on Introduction to History at the opening ceremony of Faculty of Language, History and Geography of Ankara University. (DTCF)

1936 - 1938

She completed her university education at the Modern Times and History Division of Social and Economic Sciences in Geneva University. 1937 Her speech at the Geneva Geography Society about the oldest map of America drawn by Piri Reis found in Topkapi Palace in 1929 caused great stir in the world.


While she was working as a teacher at Ankara All Girls' High School, she was appointed as a deputy associate professor at the DTCF.

Afet İnan
Afet İnan

1939 - 1940

She submitted her PhD dissertation at Geneva University.

1942 - 1950

She received the title of associate professor in 1942 and professor in 1950. She became the first female history professor of Türkiye!


After 1950 she gave lessons on the Republic of Turkey and Turkish Revolution at Ankara Science College, Hacettepe University, Aegean University, Ankara Military Schools.

Afet İnan
with her family
Afet İnan

1955 - 1979

She represented TTK at the UNESCO Turkish National Committee.

1960 - 1977

She worked as the Director of the Department of Turkish Revolutions History of Ankara University; she retired in 1977.


She led the way in founding Department of History of the Turkish Republic. She wrote almost 90 books and papers.


Afet Inan who believed in ü's principles and revolutions and conveyed his messages to young people and pioneered in women's rights smoothing the way for the women of this country died.